Dragon Deco Net

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Ingenious terrarium decoration and climbing possibility for reptiles: DRAGON DECO NET! Made of natural coconut fibres.

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  • Reptilien nutzen das Netz zum Klettern
  • Stützt bepflanzte Naturrückwände oder wird selbst bepflanzt
  • Besteht aus 100 % natürlicher Kokosfaser
  • Speichert Wasser und verbessert so das Klima im Terrarium
  • Je nach Variante bis zu 100 cm breit

Dragon Deco Net - climbing possibility for reptiles

It doesn't always have to be a ready-made back wall, with Dragon Deco Net you can create your own back wall. The Dragon Deco Net made of coconut fibres can act as a supporting skeleton for self-created back walls made of plants or mosses. They can also add value to artificial back walls by attaching decorative elements such as plants to the Dragon Deco Net or even planting the coconut net. The Dragon Deco Net is made of natural fibres from the coconut palm. Plants can take root firmly in these fibres and thus permanently green the Dragon Deco Net.

Reptiles like to use the Dragon Deco Net made of coconut fibre extensively for climbing and resting. This will not least increase the habitat of the reptiles if you use the coconut net in the terrarium. The installation is of course child's play. Not the right size? A simple pair of scissors is enough to cut the right size. And the Dragon Deco Net made of coconut fibre has another advantage: the material has the wonderful ability to store water, which has a positive effect on the humidity and thus the entire climate in the terrarium.

Dimensions of the decon meshes:

Dragon Deco Net, small: 50 cm x 40 cm
Dragon Deco Net, large: 100 cm x 40 cm

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