Dragon BioCal Calcium Substrate

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The substrate with the extra-healthy effect: DRAGON BIOCAL CALCIUM! Consists of 98% pure calcium carbonate.

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  • Hochwertige Einstreu für ein sauberes Terrarium
  • Kann gefressen, verdaut und ausgeschieden werden
  • Deckt den Kalziumbedarf von Reptilien
  • Keine Verstopfungen oder inneren Verletzungen durch Kugelform

Dragon BioCal calcium substrate - 98 % calcium carbonate

It happens again and again that reptiles accidentally or intentionally swallow soil. The Dragon BioCal Calcium substrate consists of 98% pure calcium carbonate. This calcium carbonate occurs in the Dragon BioCal calcium substrate in the smallest, round spherical form. This can hardly lead to complications if swallowed. The calcium carbonate does not cause any problems in the digestive tract of reptiles either, on the contrary: Dragon BioCal substrate is fully digestible and therefore much less dangerous for reptiles than most other sand, gravel or other soil compositions. Blockages or even internal injuries are unthinkable when taking up this terrarium floor. Many reptiles even consciously eat the Dragon BioCal calcium substrate to replenish their calcium balance. This substrate ensures not only cleanliness in the terrarium, but also sustainable reptile health. A perfect mixture for your terrarium animals.

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