Dragon Angle Joint for Ceramic Lampholders (20 mm long)

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The ingenious mounting element for ceramic mounts in the terrarium: DRAGON ANGLE JOINT! Suitable for all ceramic mounts with threaded rod. For safe and flexible installation in the terrarium.

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  • Extra langes Gewinde (20 mm) - auch für dicke Terrariendecken oder Holzterrarien
  • Mittels Stellschraube schnell und einfach auf jede Position anpassbar
  • Passt zu allen Keramikfassungen mit Gewindestange
  • Kinderleicht in der Installation - bombenfester Halt im Terrarium
  • Stromkabel läuft sicher im Inneren

Dragon Angle Joint for Ceramic Lampholders (20 mm long)

Dragon Terraristik offers the perfect solution for securely attaching radiant heaters, daylight lamps or UV surface emitters to any part of the terrarium and reliably supplying light and heat to any desired part of the terrarium with the proven and practical angle joint for ceramic lampholders. The Dragon Angle Joint for Ceramic Sockets is also a fantastic tool for setting up local sun and warm places for reptiles and other terrarium animals! The Dragon angle joint is suitable for all ceramic mounts with threaded rods. Of course, you can also use other frames, but durable ceramic frames are a massive plus in safety in the terrarium - not only for your reptiles! The Dragon Angle Joint comes with a fixing nut that allows you to safely operate terrarium lamps even at a 90° angle. The connection cable runs protected inside the joint - perfect for professional installation of sockets with hollow threaded rods. In addition, installation is possible in any type of terrarium: glass terrarium, wooden terrarium or simply through gauze or perforated sheeting. The Dragon Angle Joint definitely fits any ceramic mount with threaded rod. The thread (M 10, 10 mm diameter) on the Dragon angle joint has a length of 20 mm by the way. With it the assembly through very thick terrarium ceilings or in massive wooden terrariums is no problem at all.

The Dragon angle joint is also 100% compatible with the popular Lucky Reptile Thermo Socket Plus reflector set. And caution: Please make sure that you install UV floodlights in the terrarium only in a vertical position, otherwise you run the risk of overheating and irreparably damage such powerful floodlights!

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