Decorative Cork Backplane Java

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100 % pure nature in the terrarium: DECORATIVE CORK BACK WALL JAVA!. Made from the best cork oak.

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  • Gepresst aus dem natürlichem Kork der Korkeiche
  • Ideale Klettermöglichkeiten für die Reptilien
  • Spart Strom durch ihre Wärme isolierende Eigenschaft
  • Auch für Feuchtterrarien geeignet
  • Abmessungen der Terrarienrückwände: 50 cm x 30 cm x 2 cm

Decorative cork back wall Java - 100 % natural terrarium back wall

The decorative cork back wall Java is a natural product of the very first quality! It consists of natural pieces of cork, which are elaborately pressed into the finished Java decorative cork back wall using a two-layer process. Due to the processing method, the front and rear walls have a different structure: The rear side is smooth and thus facilitates the installation of the cork back wall as well as the precise cutting to size. The front side of the decorative cork back wall Java is decorative and due to the processing of many small cork pieces an ideal climbing opportunity. The rough surface allows even less experienced climbers to find a firm hold. Thus the habitat of reptiles is effectively enlarged! Of course the natural cork is absolutely non-toxic for reptiles.

While the reptiles have more living space available through the decorative cork back wall Java, your energy costs are lowered at the same time. You can't? There you go! Due to its special composition, the cork back wall has an insulating effect. This makes it harder for heat to escape and ultimately the terrarium needs less heating. At the same time, the Java decorative cork back wall is absolutely waterproof and can therefore also be used in wet terrariums without any problems. And all this for a price that has washed itself!

Dimensions of the decorative cork back wall Java: 50 cm x 30 cm x 2 cm

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