Decorative cork back wall Burma 60 cm x 30 cm in a double pack

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Attractive and inexpensive for terrarium design: DECORATIVE CORK BACK WALL BURMA! Ingenious optics and 100 % suitable for reptiles.

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  • Gefertigt aus reinem Naturkork der Korkeichenrinde
  • Jede Platte von uns auf Qualität überprüft
  • Isolierende Wirkung spart Strom im Terrarium
  • Reptilien nutzen die Kork-Rückwand zum Klettern
  • Abmessungen der Borneo Rückwände: 60 cm x 30 cm x 1 cm

Decorative cork back wall Burma 60 cm x 30 cm in a double pack

The decorative cork back wall Burma captivates by the very best quality. We make this possible by checking and checking each cork back wall individually. So your reptiles only get top quality goods that are guaranteed to be non-toxic. Reptiles use the decorative cork back wall for climbing as they would in their natural environment. In this way you can sustainably increase the habitat of reptiles in just a few steps. And you can be happy: The decorative cork back wall has insulating properties! This means that heat cannot escape so quickly, which will have a positive effect on your electricity costs. The advantage of the natural cork is that it is stable, yet easy to work with. So you can cut any format for your terrarium. With large terrariums you even have the possibility to make several decorative cork backgrounds together - our terrarium silicone is helpful and the fact that the decorative cork backgrounds come to you in a double pack. Of course, the appearance is also important and every terrarium enthusiast who prefers a natural terrarium back wall to an artificial one will be extremely satisfied with the decorative cork back wall.

Borneo back wall dimensions: 60 cm x 30 cm x 1 cm

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