cricket box (perforated, with lid)

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Popular and proven: HOME-TOSES!. The inexpensive all-rounder for terrariums. It's best to order it right away.

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  • Gestanzte Luftlöcher für perfekte Belüftung
  • Heimchendose mit 500 ml Volumen
  • Als Transportbox, zur Unterbringung von Eiern oder Futterinsekten
  • Robuste und langlebige Heimchendosen

cricket box (perforated, with lid) - our cheap jack-of-all-trades for the terrarium

Looking at our popular cricket boxes, the old saying is indeed true that the simple things are sometimes the really ingenious ones. And for the cricket box, we can only confirm that. Because: cricket boxes fulfil a multitude of tasks in terraristics and are true all-rounders. Therefore our recommendation is: Whoever owns a terrarium should always have a few cricket boxes in stock. Cricket boxes are ideal for transporting young reptiles, insects or amphibians (e.g. to reptile markets, from and to the terrarium shop) or for easy storage of feed insects and feed animals. This is where the cricket box proves to be indestructible and escape-proof, without being expensive. Particularly interesting and recommended for imitation: The cricket box as container for the incubation of reptile eggs! Sounds weird at first? It is not at all, because perforated cricket boxes ensure controlled ventilation. To do this, simply tape off most of the holes in the cricket box (cricket boxes and conventional tape get along very well) so that the moisture in the substrate (vermiculite) cannot escape too quickly. You will be surprised at the good breeding results that a cricket box provides. The bottom line is that we can simply recommend our simple yet high-quality cricket boxes.

You will receive a cricket box (perforated) with lid, with a capacity of 500ml.

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