bean beetle (Acanthoscelides obtectus)

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Variety for smaller insectivores: BEAN BEETLE! Clean breeding approach. As food animals for dendrobats, salamanders and many other amphibians.

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  • Reich an wichtigen Nährstoffen
  • Agile Futtertiere zur Stimulierung des Jagdverhaltens
  • Gesunde Futtertiere zum Sparpreis
  • Aus streng kontrollierter Zucht

Bean Beetle - the varied snack for amphibians

Bean beetle have you not yet been interested in the bean? This is possible because these small food insects are still largely unknown as live food for amphibians. The bean beetles (Acanthoscelides obtectus) are a very digestible and nutritious food for dendrobats (arrow poison frogs) and other amphibians who like to eat small food insects. The bean beetle is rather unpopular outside the terrarium and is counted among the food pests - the favourite food of the larvae has already been written into the name of the bean beetle. Female bean beetles prefer to lay their eggs near beans, into which the larvae eventually bore themselves. For this reason, it is also advisable to keep the bean beetle safe and well closed. The small food-insects are extremely agile climbing-artists. Also in the terrarium one should not let the food bean beetles out of sight and make sure that all food animals were always eaten.

For the diet of many amphibian species, the bean beetles are a very good variety and the feed insects are accordingly gladly taken. Edible bean beetles have a good nutrient content and a very low fat content. You get the bean beetles from us as larvae before hatching. The bean beetles then hatch out gradually and can be fed directly into the terrarium as live food.


You will receive a can of bean beetles for breeding with 0.5 litres content.

Please note: This is a breeding approach. Depending on the stage of development of the approach, it can take several weeks until the beetles hatch. In this case, keep the mixture at approx. 25-32°C. The beetles need about 3-4 weeks from egg laying to hatching.

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