Area Breeder - Incubator for Reptile Eggs

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One of the most popular incubators ever: INCUBATOR FOR REPTILE EGGS! So the own offspring of reptiles succeeds.

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  • Speziell für Reptilieneier angepasster Regelbereich von 25° C bis 35° C
  • In verbesserter Ausführung für noch mehr Präzision
  • Geringer Stromverbrauch mit nur ca. 16 Watt pro Stunde

Area breeders for reptile eggs

The surface hatcher for reptile eggs is an absolute classic among incubators and one of the most frequently used incubators. No wonder, since the surface breeder really leaves nothing to be desired when hatching reptile eggs. With its dimensions of 410 x 410 x 206 mm, the area breeder has exactly the right size for almost all scrims. Of course, especially in species that produce smaller eggs, several clutches can be incubated simultaneously.

A precise fully electronic thermostat ensures precise temperature control of the incubator. The control range of the incubator was especially adapted to reptile eggs and is approx. 25° C to 35° C. With this temperature range, all types of reptile nests can be hatched successfully. The incubator is heated by means of a special 48 Watt heating cable integrated in the incubator lid. With a power consumption of only approx. 16 watts per hour, the area breeder is particularly economical in operation. Two large inspection windows in the lid of the surface hatcher allow daily inspection of the eggs without having to open the incubator itself. The temperature can also be read off at the same time, a special Brut thermometer is included in the scope of delivery, as is a wire rack on which the laying cans are placed. Our cricket boxes, for example, are ideal for this. Under the grate there are three large water gutters at the bottom of the surface breeder. These regulate the humidity, which is so important for the successful hatching of reptile eggs.

The extensive instruction manual of the area breeder is really excellent. It not only explains how to hatch reptile eggs successfully. Numerous tricks and important background information about the breeding of reptiles are explained, such as the development of eggs and how to tell whether they are fertilized or unfertilized. Who is still surprised that the area breeder is one of the most successful incubators ever?

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