How safe is it to order from Reptilienkosmos?

You transmit all personal data to us in encrypted form.

Encryption protocol used: SSL 3.0
key length: RSA 1024 Bit, RC4 128 Bit

Please note that certificates with key lengths of 1024 bit are only supported by browser versions 5.x and higher. If an older version is used, only 512-bit encryption can be achieved.

Your personal data will of course be stored on secure servers and used exclusively for processing your order. Further information about the security of your data can be found in our privacy policy.

Methods of payment

Cash in advance
You pay the invoice amount by normal bank transfer - the easiest and safest method of payment for you. A registration or an account with other payment providers is not necessary. Your goods will be shipped to you immediately upon receipt of payment. Refunds - for example for returning goods - are made directly to your bank account.

With PayPal, you pay quickly, easily and securely thanks to integrated buyer protection. PayPal keeps your credit card information or bank details secure and does not forward them to us. The payment is made very simply via your e-mail address and your personal password. All you need is a valid PayPal account. You don't have one yet? No problem, registration is easy during the order process. Of course PayPal and a PayPal account are free for you.

Amazon Pay
Simply purchase and pay with the payment and address information from your Amazon account. It's fast, easy and secure. You order without having to re-enter your payment and address information each time. With Amazon Pay, the same familiar payment environment is available to you at as with itself.
Your payment information is secure because your account and credit card information will not be shared with us. In addition, you benefit from buyer protection with Amazon Pay. The condition of the purchased goods and timely delivery are protected by Amazon's A-to-z Guarantee.

Sofortü is the free, TÜV-certified payment service of Payment Network AG. Your advantages: no additional registration, automatic debit from your online bank account, highest security standards and immediate dispatch of stock goods. For payment with Sofortü you need your e-banking access data, i.e. bank details, account number, PIN and TAN. And of course Sofortü offers absolute security - thanks to buyer protection.

In cooperation with Klarna we offer our german customers the possibility to pay by invoice. Klarna invoice is secure and fast - you never have to enter your account details and only pay when you have received your goods. From the receipt of your invoice you have a convenient 14-day payment period. More information about Klarna invoice purchase can be found here:
Klarna's strict data protection regulations apply to the purchase of Klarna invoices. Further information can be found here:
A small processing fee of 1.98 EUR is charged for the Klarna invoice purchase.

Installment purchase
Also in cooperation with Klarna, we offer our german customers installment purchase as a payment option from a goods value of 20.00 Euro. The necessary credit check and the handling of the installment payment will be completely taken over by Klarna. Klarna's terms and conditions apply here:
Klarna's strict data protection regulations, which you can find here, also apply to Klarna instalment purchases:

Has my payment been received yet?

It's easy for you to check: Log into your customer account at the reptile cosmos. Then check the status of your order. If the status is "In process", we have received your payment.

How do I get my invoice?

You will receive your invoice automatically by e-mail after the order has been shipped. You can also print out your invoice in your customer account.

Where can I find your bank details when I want to do a bank transfer?

You will automatically receive an order confirmation by e-mail for orders with advance payment, in which you will find all bank details. At the end of the order process you will also see our bank details. You can also print them out.