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Welcome to the Reptilienkosmos, Germany's largest online shop for reptile keeping. Our reptile supply shop has everything you need to make your hobby even more beautiful. In our large shop for reptile keeping you will find a huge selection of high-quality products, with which we make the keeping of reptiles easier. Our principles for shipping are very simple: Very short delivery times due to our own warehousing, exclusively products from reliable reptile supplies manufacturers and always favourable prices for your reptile accessories. Your Reptienkosmos team does everything daily for the fact that you can shop better.

Your complete terrarium equipment from one source

When it comes to reptile keeping, our shop for reptile supplies is one of the best known addresses on the web. Thousands of terrarium fans and reptile owners have trusted us for many years. We offer you products of all leading manufacturers in the field of terrariums. Here is a small selection:

  • Exo Terra
  • Lucky Reptile
  • Zoo Med
  • Hobby (Dohse Terraristik)
  • Dragon Terraristik
  • Osram
  • Elstein
  • Herpetal
  • Nekton Terraristikprodukte

Terrarium lighting and lamps

Keeping reptiles is unthinkable without the right terrarium lighting. Reptiles, amphibians and other terrarium animals require species-appropriate lighting in the terrarium. Only with the right light for terrariums can reptiles develop in a really healthy way. Our selection of terrarium lamps is just as large as the individual requirements of terrarium animals. Our shop offers you all kinds of terrarium lamps and in addition many useful accessories approximately around the terrarium lighting. No matter whether you need UV surface emitters for reptiles living in deserts, daylight lamps for terrariums, fluorescent tubes for terrariums, compact UV lamps for energy-saving terrarium lighting, moonlight lamps or terrarium heat lamps - with us terrarium lamps are always cheap and available from stock. But even the best terrarium lamp is ineffective without the right lighting accessories. That's why our shop offers you premium accessories for terrarium lighting: durable ceramic sockets (porcelain sockets) for terrarium lamps and radiant heaters, special reflectors for terrarium lamps and fluorescent tubes, powerful ballasts for easy terrarium operation, practical terrarium clamp lamps, reliable starter units for terrarium tubes, safe protective baskets for strong UV radiators and radiant heaters.

The right terrarium: Glass terrarium, Faunarium, Flexarium and Co.

Keeping reptiles always and in any case requires a terrarium. Without a terrarium no reptile husbandry and different reptiles, amphibians and other terrarium animals have very individual demands on the ideal terrarium. The terrarium is the heart and the central element when it comes to the reproduction of natural habitats of reptiles. You will find the suitable terrarium in our large selection of terrariums. Whether you need a high-quality glass terrarium, a complete terrarium set with all terrarium accessories, a flexarium for reptiles with a high need for fresh air, a mobile net terrarium for keeping reptiles outdoors or a practical faunabox (a faunarium) as a universal helper - our terrariums meet even the highest demands. All glass terrariums and other terrariums are of high quality and can be delivered directly from stock in our shop. You will be convinced by our daily low prices when you buy a terrarium.

Feed animals, feed insects and reptile feeds

It is important to feed reptiles, amphibians and other terrarium animals in an appropriate way. With our special and healthy food for reptiles and Co. you always provide fresh, nutritious food. We deliver daily fresh live food for insectivorous reptiles in highest quality and rich in important vitamins and nutrients. The selection of food insects and food animals in our shop is simply huge: Fresh desert locusts, agile migratory locusts, crickets and house crickets in different growth stages, fresh Zophobas, tasty rose chafer larvae or especially nutritious cockroaches. Your reptiles will simply love these fresh food insects. We also have more exotic food animals and food insects on offer: buffalo worms, soldier fly larvae, silkworms (teporaupes), terfly (cruel flies) or tropical springtails. You can also order dry insects as reptile food and particularly healthy ready-made food for reptiles and amphibians from us in first-class quality. The Reptilenkosmos is as a terrarium specialist one of the first addresses for the species-appropriate nutrition of reptiles and many other terrarium animals.

The supreme discipline in reptile keeping - building terrariums

For many reptile lovers, terrarium construction is the crowning glory of keeping reptiles. For die-hard terrarium builders, the purchase of finished glass terrariums would never be considered and only the self-built terrarium is used to house reptiles. For the terrarium construction applies: A good terrarium brand self-construction needs the best accessories for the terrarium construction. Our terrarium shop offers you exactly that: Everything you need for successful terrarium construction. Whether it's high-quality terrarium silicone, ventilation grilles for optimal air circulation in the terrarium, matching perforated sheeting, terrarium underlays for the safe standing of the self-built terrarium, glass guide profiles for perfectly sliding terrarium doors or pane heads for the gentle closing of terrarium doors. With our extensive selection of top accessories for terrarium construction, building your own terrarium is much easier.

Top terrarium technology for the ideal climate in the terrarium

A species-appropriate terrarium climate is important for the successful keeping of reptiles in terrariums. Modern air conditioning technology ensures that reptiles and other terrarium animals feel comfortable and can develop healthily in the terrarium. A special thermostat for terrariums regulates the terrarium temperature with absolute precision and a modern hygrostat ensures optimum humidity in the terrarium. We also offer a wide range of possibilities for terrarium heating: Whether heating mats, heating cables, radiant heaters or substrate heating - with our heating solutions for terrariums you supply reptiles with vital heat. Our terrarium shop also offers you a free choice of moisture generation solutions. Foggers, ultrasonic mist generators, sprinkler systems, waterfalls, pressure spray bottles - with this reliable terrarium technology, the humidity in the terrarium is always right... Even reliable terrarium fans and terrarium timers ensure that everything works in the terrarium and that no heat accumulates which can be dangerous for reptiles. And when it comes to the exact measurement of temperature and humidity in the terrarium, you can count on our precise and robust terrarium thermometers and terrarium hygrometers.

Terrarium equipment according to your wishes

You can rely on the reptile cosmos when it comes to the species-appropriate arrangement in the terrarium. We offer everything you need for the terrarium. In this way you create ideal conditions for keeping your terrarium animals. This starts with the matching terrarium back wall - we have the largest selection of terrarium back walls to choose from! We can offer you cork backgrounds made of pure natural products for your terrarium as well as spectacular terrarium photo backgrounds or backgrounds made of natural fibres, with the help of which you can easily green your terrarium. You choose the right substrate for your terrarium, because different reptiles also have very individual demands on their terrarium bedding. We offer you a wide range of terrarium bedding - from desert sand for terrariums to real terrarium forest soil and river pebbles for turtles. Not only for the look: Our wonderful terrarium plants - indistinguishable from real plants. Cacti for desert terrariums, water plants for turtle basins or plants and bushes for your rainforest terrarium. Here you will find the right terrarium plant in every case. We offer you a wide range of useful accessories for feeding reptiles, e.g. special water bowls or food bowls for terrarium animals. Our range of terrarium equipment is rounded off by numerous great terrarium caves, climbing rocks for terrariums and great decorative terrarium woods.

Everything you need for reptile health

In addition to the right nutrition for reptiles, you should always ensure that terrarium animals are supplied with sufficient vitamins and minerals, as this will protect your reptiles from deficiency diseases and ensure optimal healthy development. A sufficient supply of calcium is essential for reptiles, as this is the only way for bones and shells to develop healthily. Also smaller diseases of reptiles and amphibians can be treated effectively with our remedies for terrarium animals.

Cleaning and hygiene for your terrarium

A clean terrarium is essential for the long-term health of reptiles. We therefore offer effective terrarium cleaners that are completely harmless to reptiles, amphibians and other terrarium animals. In this way you prevent the development of dangerous bacteria and pathogens in the terrarium. We also have natural solutions for sparkling clean terrarium glass and unpleasant odours in the terrarium are a thing of the past with our terrarium cleaners. All these useful helpers are always available in our terrarium shop at a small price and with fast delivery.