Hobby Nano Catappa Leaves

Nano sea almond leaves- From nature for nature!

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In Asia the positive effect of sea almond leaves in the aquarium is known for a long time;
What is particularly remarkable Useful bacteria are not harmed by the use of sea almond leaves.
Even when transporting fish, one should add a small piece of our Catappa Leaves or our Catappa Bark to the transport water, this reduces the susceptibility and stress of the animals due to the high germ load enormously. By releasing humic and tanning agents, the sea almond leaves create a natural environment and increase the vitality and well-being of your aquarium inhabitants.


Use in aquariums, paludariums or aquatariums : Put the leaf directly into the aquarium water, one leaf is sufficient for 30 - 50 l. Within 24 - 48 h the leaf sinks to the bottom of the aquarium. There it releases its active ingredients into the water over a period of about 14 days. Afterwards you can put a fresh leaf into the aquarium. The old leaf can remain in the aquarium as supplementary food for crabs and shrimps or be disposed of. The leaves can be kept indefinitely if stored in a dry place. Since it is a pure natural product, deviations in shape, colour and size are possible

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Content 12 piece

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