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Hobby Alder Cones are cones harvested from black alder (Alnus glutinosa).
This product, produced by nature, is only collected in places where nature is still natural and man has not taken any harmful influences.

What makes the alder cones so special?
The Alder Cones are excellent suppliers of the so important humic and tanning agents.
Humic substances ensure that plant growth is promoted in the aquarium (they release nitrogen, phosphorus and sulphur into the water), the pH value is mildly lowered and the water acquires a natural but crystal clear colouring. Just as many of our aquarium inhabitants prefer it in their home country. Even for animals that do not come from such areas, the Alder Cones have even more to offer.
The tanning agents (tannins) have the positive property of naturally inhibiting pathogens harmful to your animals, such as bacteria and fungal spores.
The use of our Alder Cones is therefore also ideal if you want to promote the reproduction of your fish. Due to the black water effect, many animals are only ready to spawn. Due to the fungus-inhibiting tanning agents, spawning fungus is also prevented as far as possible. After the hatching of the little ones one can also observe that they develop and grow much better and look for infusoria at the Alder Cones, which serve as food.
Also shrimps and several other animals like to visit the small cones to graze on them, to rasp them or to hide.

Use in aquariums and aquaterrariums: Put the Alder Cones directly into the aquarium water. 1 cone is sufficient for approx. 10 - 20 litres. Within a few minutes the cones will sink to the bottom of the aquarium. There they release their active ingredients into the water after a short time. The Alder Cones should be renewed every 2 - 3 weeks. The old cones can remain in the aquarium as additional food for crabs and shrimps or be disposed of. Our Alder Cones have an unlimited shelf life when stored in dry conditions. As it is a purely natural product, they may vary in shape, colour and size.

Also in terrariums a wonderful decoration article.

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