Hobby perforated rock Asian

Ideal decorative stone. A great eye catcher in every aquarium and terrarium.

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Item number RK1044

This aquarium decoration is best suited for use in Malawi, Tanganyika, rainbow and other community tanks.

Furthermore, the perforated rock in the structure offers various possibilities to build hiding places and shelters for aquarium fish seeking protection.

The perforated rock can be combined with several stones. Create a decorative rock wall in your aquarium. With its white colour, bizarre shapes and many holes, the perforated rock is an ideal natural decorative element for all aquariums.

Perforated rock Asian S
Weight: 0,3 kg to 1,0 kg
dimensions: smaller than 4,0 x 12,0 x 9,0 cm (variant M)
Perforated rock Asian M
Weight: 1,0 kg to 2,0 kg
dimensions: approx. 4.0 x 12.0 x 9.0 cm
Perforated rock Asian L
Weight: 2,0 kg to 3,5 kg
Dimensions: approx. 12,0 x 21,0 x 8,0 cm
Perforated rock Asian XL
Weight: over 3,5 kg
Dimensions: over 12,0 x 21,0 x 8,0 cm

Item ID 1771
Condition New
Model 40651
Manufacturer Hobby Aquaristik
Content 1 piece

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